You've been applying to hundreds of jobs this week. Your top two options also chose you! Congratulations! They scheduled the interview and you are almost ready to secure your new position, all you have to do is ace the interview. Not difficult at all, right? Maybe not, but are you willing to take a chance when you are this close to your goal?

The best way to prepare for anything is to practice. In this case, you could spend hours in front of the mirror or rehearsing with someone else, or you can begin creating (or fine-tuning) your interview portfolio.

An interview portfolio offers you a competitive advantage to stand out from the ground and let your new employer know you are not only the best candidate but also a hard worker and able to organize yourself for future endeavors.

Your goal in creating this is to create an experience for the hiring manager and get them to visualize you solving problems for them. The portfolio sends a clear message, "I don't just want a job... I want [THIS] job."