You are, once again, trying a new productivity method. You cycle between The Pomodoro Technique, writing effective to-do lists, Stephen Covey's methods, Kanban, Zen to Done, Getting Things Done and countless others! You are determined to find a productivity hack to work more efficiently, but you haven't yet found one that sticks. You are still, by your own account, not as productive as you could be.

You can make a direct connection between your productivity each day (or lack thereof) and the number of constant interruptions you endure. Interruptions in your workday are time suckers, expensive, and extremely frustrating. Regardless of which time management technique you employ, there always seems to be one dark hole you can't avoid: EMAIL!

This learning path will help you craft your own email management system based on best practices and realizing what works for you. If your overall goal is to be more productive, then we will begin by first managing your email box and minimizing interruptions.