Most employees feel disheartened and dehumanized at work, supported by the fact that 86% of us are disengaged on the job according to Gallup and other researchers. If you have had a bad boss or feel like you are not seen in your current role you are likely experiencing a numbing out or frozen feeling at work. Even if you are engaged in what you are doing, chances are you are surrounded by some knuckle draggers and sleep walkers who zap energy from you and others. Every aspect of work feels accelerated and chaotic in the face of many changes. In fact, the World Health Organization has called job related stress a world-wide epidemic - - and this epidemic is often anecdotally referred to as the zombie apocalypse. This new reality leaves a lot of people wondering about the quintessential question – why am I here? Or as poet Mary Oliver asks, “What am I going to do with my one wild and precious life?”

This path highlights three insights and sections for coming back to life at work.