Most of us only know the most common, basic format for a resume. We are all aware a resume typically includes your work history presented in chronological order, and any additional effort given to it usually involves word choice and how to organize the materials for a suitable employer. Simple...right?

But what if you have major gaps in your work history? What if you are early in your career and your resume doesn't properly reflect your skill set? What if you have been working for several years and decided to pivot into a new sector or industry – what then?

Skills-Based Resumes can be used when you have a diverse set of experiences and you need a document to connect the dots for your possible employer. This type of resume, also called a Functional Resume, allows you to organize your skills by how relevant they are to the position you are applying for, regardless of when you performed them. As perfect as this may seem, there are many warnings and drawbacks to this format, further discussed below.

The activities in this learning path will explain & demonstrate how a skills-based resume may be perfect for you! (Or not).