Customer service representatives (and departments) are the backbone of any successful organization. They ensure both the customer(s) and your products/services are able to work together seamlessly. But what happens when the process is not so seamless? How do you handle a customer complaint and who do you send the grievance to?

In order to properly refer unresolved customer grievances to the correct department, there are several steps we can take to manage the process. The end goal is always to find ways to consistently improve the customer experience, and grievances are an essential aspect of that process. Customer grievances highlight areas that need attention or focus within your department or company. The activities below help you to organize your customer service initiatives to be proactive as opposed to always reactive. Next, the activities encourage you to get rid of the script and use empathy when dealing with a grievance. Lastly, explore creative ways to fix the issue. The last set of activities will help you figure out which department or person you need to refer the complaint to.