Customer experience (CX) is a driving force in every organization and has opened a whole new career path. What’s driving this movement is that how people and companies purchase goods and services has changed dramatically in the past ten years.

The abundance and easy access to information, competitors, product reviews and customer feedback has fundamentally and forever changed how buyers do their purchase research and make decisions. In many cases, buyers can completely bypass a salesperson and purchase online.

For companies that sell products and services, it’s no longer about selling. They have to be where the buyer is at every point on the buyers’ purchase journey with the right information, in the right format offered in the right channel. Sellers have to enable buyers to achieve their target outcomes.

For organizations this change in buyer behavior and expectations is redefining marketing, salesvand customer service. The key to success is understanding what buyers are doing along their journey and what their expectations are of ‘winning’ brands. Those companies that can best –
and consistently – deliver the experience that customers expect will grow revenue, profitability and customer loyalty faster.

This course is an introduction to the multi-faceted discipline of customer experience and is focused on business-to-business (B2B). By the end of the course, you will be able to understand the major concepts, challenges and be able to discuss with your managers what your company is doing to be customer aligned.