Great user experience isn’t the result of what you do with your hands — it’s the result of how you use what’s between your ears.

That’s the core of what more than 80,000 students have learned in my online training courses, workshops and live events. Taking a strategic approach to UX is the only way to make it deliver on the promise it holds. Change the way you THINK about the design and development decisions you make and you take the first step to infusing great UX into everything you do.

Whether you’re a UXer, Designer or Developer, my job is to help you succeed — by providing a clear, simple alternative to the needlessly complex advice littering the Internet.

You’ll find practical advice delivered in clear, jargon-free language, along with time-tested exercises, and resources. Methods and advice that work in the messy reality of the real world, where we don’t always have the time, budget or approval we’d like.