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Special Topic: Remote Working & Managing Remote Workers

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  • Keeping Your Remote Team On Track

    Given the rise of video conferencing, the Slack app, virtual project management websites like Coschedule and Trello, remote working has never been easier or more convenient. Of course, it raises the question, who is it convenient for? Yes, you can...

    Curated by Nicole Lipkin
  • Leading Virtual Teams

    Virtual teams give organizations the ability to source talent from a diverse and dispersed workforce while offering unmatched flexibility to employees in work and personal life. The benefits of virtual teams are clear in today's economy, but they do pose...

    Curated by Anusha Whittaker
  • Work Together…Anywhere!

    The benefits of remote work are clearer in today's working world than ever before; but to really reap those benefits, you have to know how to manage yourself, your team, and the virtual, collaborative spaces you all share. Discover how...

  • Working Remotely, Staying Connected

    Often images of working in your pajamas or running to your local shoppe for a mid-day cup of joe are conjured when someone says they 'work from home'. Thoughts of increased freedom and better visuals during our workday flood our...

    Curated by Laetitia Samuel
  • How to Engage with Customers Remotely

    Transforming your customer experience completely to an online experience can be tricky. Winning By Design has helped hundreds of companies make the transition towards a remote workforce and decided to share their best practices on how to set up and...

    Curated by Dan Smith
  • Learning How-To Train (Remotely)

    There are two areas you should consider when Training Remotely: best practices and technology. Knowing PowerPoint doesn't make you a great presenter. Your content and delivery does. The same applies to teaching remotely. This curated content is targeted to corporate...

    Curated by Vanessa Aller
  • How to Utilize Webinars For Remote Employees

    Due to the rise in the number of employees now working remotely, companies now must set up a form of communication in order to maintain training, productivity, and continuity with their employees. Many have turned to webinars in order to...

    Curated by Angela Lee
  • How to Design a Successful Virtual Training Program

    Virtual training has given organizations the ability to provide employees with the knowledge and upskilling they need regardless of whether they sit across multiple office locations or work remote. While there are many benefits such as cutting down on travel...

    Curated by Kim McAvoy
  • Keep your kids busy while working from home

    No doubt that keeping kids busy while working from home is a major challenge for remote workers. This path helps you access resources to keep your kids busy while working from home. To start, you have to communicate your expectations...

    Curated by Sam Faissal
  • Moving Your Learning Online: Some Tips

    Hopefully, this learning path will help you when you need to switch from delivering learning in a face-to-face environment to an online experience. We can often assume that simply uploading our content to an online environment will do the job,...

    Curated by Janet Benson
  • Maximizing the Benefits of Online Learning

    Whether you are a professional attending a virtual conference, a student transitioning to online learning or simply a person wanting to master something new with this newly discovered “free time”, chances are you are spending a lot more time in...

    Curated by Emma Chiappetta
  • How To Take Your Content Online

    There is a vast audience online needing to hear from compelling speakers, and needing to find trusted resources in order to hone skills or increase industry-specific knowledge. With help of trusted sources in my network, I have curated this path...

    Curated by J. Kelly Hoey
  • Essentials In Developing Commercial Relationships Remotely

    If you are working in a commercial customer-facing role like Account Executive, Account Manager, or Sales Development Rep it may be a challenge moving towards complete remote engagements. At Winning By Design, we decided to bundle our experience, and happily...

    Curated by Dan Smith
  • How to Host a Successful Virtual Event

    Online events are increasing in popularity as they are a great addition to the marketing strategy for various individual businesses and organizations. To create a successful and seamless event requires proper planning and execution. This path is created for you...

    Curated by Tameka Stewart
  • How To Transfer To Online Training Part 1

    The latest events made a lot of changes to the learning environment. Perhaps, time ago, you thought that someday you would create online learning solutions based on your classroom training, but nowadays, you should make a quick switch to digital...

    Curated by Eva Posukhova
  • Getting On the Online Training Train

    There is an increased focus on eLearning and online training as organizations and learning institutions are moving to keep up with the ever-changing times. This growth is a natural progression as advancements in technology propel distance education as a viable...

    Curated by Tameka Stewart