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Assessment & Evaluation

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  • 3 Essential Steps to Evaluate Any Training

    You finished the training design. The trainer delivered the training. The learners enjoyed the learning experience and some of them described the training as "life-changing". Congratulations! Your hard work paid off. But wait, really? How can you prove it? If...

    Curated by Lusha Sha
  • Ensuring the Effectiveness of Learner Assessments

    The Learning & Development field has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Learning Professionals have expanded their expertise and can now be seen in every facet of the business. Aligned with this expansion is the role of...

    Curated by Mi-na Park
  • Evaluating instructor performance

    Attending a great training can leave you feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to dig in. Conversely, attending a poor training session can leave you feeling just the opposite. Sometimes poor training experiences can leave a sour taste in your mouth,...

    Curated by Philip Gutierrez
  • Blind Spots When Evaluating Peer Instructors

    Every instructor needs feedback about their work for professional development and the creation of a more effective learning solutions. But what do they get in this feedback? Usually, this is an evaluation of skills or training, but often there arу...

    Curated by Eva Posukhova
  • Understanding Course Effectiveness

    Instructors of all kinds have to create and deliver courses. Whether you are a teacher or a trainer delivering information to children or adults, you will have to employ techniques to address the needs of your unique group of learners....

    Curated by Laetitia Samuel
  • Improving Courses and Beyond!

    During this training, we will review how to build professional relationships with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), the true meaning of Best Practices, the value of alignment, and what active and accessible learning means. You will review select articles covering a...

    Curated by William Beers
  • Going Beyond Course Improvement!

    During this training, you will learn how to present and create recommendations regarding course design, technology, and instruction delivery options. As we discussed in the intermediate version of this course, the first step in any process is to generate a...

    Curated by William Beers