Often images of working in your pajamas or running to your local shoppe for a mid-day cup of joe are conjured when someone says they 'work from home'. Thoughts of increased freedom and better visuals during our workday flood our minds at the notion. This learning path highlights best practices, pitfalls and collaboration tools for remote workers.

There are many benefits companies experience from having remote employees which include higher levels of engagement and retention, higher employee satisfaction, and increased productivity. In addition, many companies also experience lower turnover. So what's in it for you, the remote employee? Many remote workers say they have better work/life balance working remotely, as well as more autonomy within their work, and greater control over their work environment. Of course, there are also challenges to autonomous work environments; however, the benefits clearly speak loudest to why this work style is in high demand.

The activities below offer data, inspiration, and techniques to assist the remote worker, the team and their manager in optimizing this opportunity.