To begin to study creativity, we must consider convergent versus divergent thinking. Our educational systems have long sought to teach students how to answer questions. What is the right answer? In most traditional teaching-learning situations, major emphasis is placed on locating or converging on correct responses. The real problems humanity confronts in teaching-learning situations do not have these kinds of predetermined or “pat” answers. Rather, they require creative solutions. Divergent production provides opportunities for students to practice letting their minds range far and wide over a broad spectrum of possible solutions to open-ended questions or problems.

I have spent five decades studying and writing about creativity. While the field continues to progress, very much of what was written 40-50 years ago remains completely relevant today. I have curated this path for you to dive deep into what creativity is, how to develop it, assess it, and considering creativity in very special groups of people. Enjoy your exploration as you dive in and consider your own creativity!